iPhone 3G, 31% better than the best thing ever


The best thing ever was the iPhone. According to the above link, the
iPhone 3G is 31% better.

But should you get one? If you are rich, obviously. The answer get's
tricky if you aren't.

The iPhone has significantly brought down Internet (aka data) usage
fees -although that isn't true if you are a fan of WEP (mobile
Internet). However, you probably aren't paying anything to have the
Internet on your phone. So you either will have to make sure you
profit from everywhere Internet or not spend the money somewhere else.

Factor about $30 more, per month, for this life changing feature that
you wan't, but probably don't need (yet).

Do you need the Internet? Then why not have it on your phone?

The Samsung Instict is a pretty good phone as long as you don't
compare it to the new iPhone 3G.

With Bell's unlimited Internet for $10 on the August 8th Instict, you
could get one and buy an iPod touch every year with the data plan
savings compared to Rogers and the iPhone.

However, that $10 per month unlimited Internet probably has fine print
that makes the deal less appealing...

Envoyé depuis mon iPod / Sent from my iPod touch.

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