Switzerland has cheaper iPhone plans than Canada!

Honey, we're moving to Switzerland!
Switzerland has cheaper iPhones than Canada! Switzerland! You know how expensive Switzerland is? Very. To add insult to injury, they have somehow managed to keep their Franc at par with Canada's dollar so comparisons are way to easy.
All the Swiss price plans include 1GB of data. The cheapest plan is 44 Swiss Francs (C or US$44). The 16GB iPhone is only 249 (compared to 299 in the USA and Canada).
Those prices are via Mac4Ever (in French) based on an Orange press release. The prices aren't on the Orange web site yet.

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Otis Levine said...

Don't buy the iPhone in Canada!

Data is what the iPhone is all about. Without a decently priced plan it's just another phone. Don't destroy the "Invention Of the Year" for Canadians. The iPhone is what it is because of what it does above and beyond mobile calls. If you can't use the extras freely there's no real point in getting an iPhone in the first place.


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