Everybody Touch the iPod touch

I've been afflicted with a bad case of Apple evangelism. I want everybody to get an Apple iPod touch. It is completely irrational. If there was a charity dropping theme from planes over Africa, I'd be contributing to it.

I'm still not sure most people want (or need) the World Wide Web away from their home and work computers, however. And indeed, the mobile World Wide Web is the main reason to get an iPod touch. An even then, it will only be as mobile as your local Wifi networks. And no Flash player capability.

Still, the ability to purchase music from the throne (mobile itunes store) is the killer application that people should try (granted, you could do that with a laptop as well).

Any way, the following commercial doesn't feature a toilet...

Note the possible confusion: you only need one iPod touch to do ALL those things.

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