iPhone Vs Blackberry Bold Vs N95

-email: Blackberry Bold.
-World Wide Web via Wifi: Apple iPhone (or iPod touch)
-World Wide Web via cell network (a draw as iPhone only 2.5G)
-Filming your own version of the Blair Witch Project without actually being lost: Nokia N95.
-Taking pictures: Nokia N95
-Showing pictures: iPhone
-Playing video: iPhone
-Playing music: a draw
-Buying music without a computer using wifi: iPhone (or iPod touch)
-Showing off your music: iPhone (thanks to cover flow)
-Phone sound quality: don't know (but I assume a draw)
Video comparison of the 2007 iPhone with the unavailable 2008 Blackberry Bold. 
$690 for a N95 phone may seem expensive for a phone that is over a year old and cheaper in Europe, but it will be priceless when you get lost if the forest and start filming those last moments on the 5 mega pixel digital video camera. Actually, the N95 is also a GPS satellite receiver, so those last moments will be fake, just like the Blair Witch Project, as it would be really hard to get lost. 
If you are still having trouble deciding, no worries, all three companies will have newer, better smart phones by the end of 2008 (Nokia N96, iPhone 3G (aka iPhone 2.0) and Blackberry Thunder.

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