Touch a Smartphone this Summer: iPhone 3G (Rogers), HTC Diamond Touch (Telus) or Samsung Instinct (Bell)

The best touch smartphone this Summer will be the iPhone 3G. However, to use the phones, Rogers plans on charging an arm and a leg whereas both Bell and Telus will apparently offer unlimited Internet for $30 or less. And a phone is only good if you can use it, network coverage varies.
-Bell will offer the Samsung Instinct.
-Telus will offer the HTC Diamond
-Rogers/Fido will offer the iPhone 3G
Only Rogers has a confirmed launch data and confirmed usage pricing. Bell currently charges and arm and a leg for data/Internet. So does Telus. In fact, Telus is clearly insane, on your computer,  Telus will charge you $40 for 8MB or $65 for a 1000MB!
Even if you are a multi-millionaire, no point in getting an iPhone if you live out in the boonies or say, Saint-John, New Brunswick (sorry Irvings). However, Telus and Bell (Aliant) offer their fastest service (EVDO-RevA) in Saint-John.
-Rogers HSDPA coverage
You know the saying, if you have to ask... But really, can you afford NOT to have access to the Internet all over the place?
Cost to use the Internet on your laptop:
-Rogers (I think, although that might be the pricing for phones only)
Compare phones.
Insert links to reviews here.
-Telus HTC Touch Diamond price plan (currently does not exist)
-Bell Samsung Instinct price plan (currently does not exist)
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