Rogers Says Aurevoir To ADSL

Rogers says aurevoir to ADSL. Rogers can not make enough money
reselling Bell's ADSL (high speed Internet via phone line) service. So
effective May 31st, it will stop selling the product.

Good news for Bell I suppose, although there are plenty of companies
that can pick up the slack. As Rogers' ADSL was marketed primarily in
Quebec, it is an other example of the Toronto company's innability to
serving the French speaking market.

Fido is more popular than Rogers sans-file in Quebec, which is part of
the problem. But frankly, Rogers just wasn't trying. Its antivirus
software was only offered in English, for example. And whereas Bell
Sympatico has French tech support in Trois-Rivières and Moncton, the
Quebec ADSL customers had to be content with Richmond Hill, Ontario.

Internet prices are much lower in Quebec than in Ontario thanks to
Vidéotron (and Bell matching the lower Vidéotron prices), so perhaps
concentrating on the more lucrative Ontario market is a smart move.

Still, with a huge call centre in Moncton, it is odd that Rogers
couldn't compete with Bell and Vidéotron. Especially since Vidéotron
pays its unionised employees significantly more than Rogers pays its
non-unionised staff and Bell uses expensive subcontractors (Durham and
Sitel) for its French speaking Sympatico customer service and tech

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