Profit from Your Down Time

Over the last few months I have been participating in online surveys from the Angus Reid Group. Quite interesting, and you get paid to boot! No much mind you, but what the heck, we all have down time, and giving your opinion on world leaders is escapism if you ask me. I had fun reading the resulting article in Macleans and then realising, hey, I participated in that, so that's what the survey was for.
I haven't gotten money yet from Angus Reid, as they don't cut a check until you reach something like fifty dollars. But I'm close. I encourage everybody to participate in online surveys. Opinions matter to decision makers. You can make the world a more efficient place by giving decision makers and marketers accurate information (for example, did you know that Quebecer generally don't have a special meal at Thanks Giving!). Angus Reid is a reputable company and to date none of their online polls that I have participated in could be called push polling. The surveys are not at a Statistics Canada (a former employer) level, but close enough. And if enough people do these online polls, there will be less reason to annoy you by phone during supper or at the door when you are in the shower.
The money they give you should be tax free if you deduct (in your head) the cost of your Internet connection. If you are doing surveys at work, then not paying taxes on the revenue is harder do justify. That said, some (more and more?) of the surveys involve draws instead of cash payouts. As you know, there is zero income tax on winnings from contests in Canada.
Disclaimer, this particular post is motivated by the fact that I'll make a couple of dollars if you sign up with Angus Reid. This post accuratly reflects my opinions but the motivation to post those opinions here is, at least in part, pecuniary. Oddly, this is not against Google's Adsense terms of service for its referral program.

Can I recommend referral products to my users?

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