Rogers Should Adopt Flat Rate Data Plans for Cell Phones

Here is my free marketing advice to Rogers. It is free because they didn't ask for it and are probably not listening. Otherwise I'd charge alot. They would owe me $5000 for reading that first sentence.
But because I'm a generous guy, it is free, so read on.
You don't charge per GB for wired Internet, why do you charge per GB for cell phones? Especially on phones that aren't web friendly like the HTC touch, Nokia (insert version here), Blackberry and anything running Windows Mobile. For consumers with those phones, you should offer 90GB per month for $50 and sit back and reap the profits while people pay the money but don't use the service. They could use it, and that is what they are paying for, the possibility of downloading a ridiculous amount of data for "free". Do people ride all the rides at Disney World simply because they paid to get into the park? No. But charge an 8 year old $20 to ride a roller coaster and Mickey would be lynched.
The current $7 a month "unlimited" access is perplexing insane. Unlimited use of Facebook but if I check out digg.com, or my blog, Rogers will charge me $15 per MB. $15 ! My blog is NOT worth $15 per MB. Frankly, neither is digg.com. And yet the cost to Rogers of one MB from Facebook or one MB from digg.com or Blogger is identical. In fact, in most parts of Canada, the cost to Rogers of downloading one MB or 150MB is the same, as Rogers has excess capacity. Charge more in Toronto if you have to, but in the rest of the country, those prices don't make any sense.

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