Kennedy Loses Debate

When Gerard Kennedy speaks, does he say anything? "New Liberalism" is a cool slogan, but what does it mean?

I didn't like the questions. The Laval bridge collapse had nothing to do with the federal government, so all three candidates sounded like twits trying to answer the question. A bridge collapses in Laval, so Kennedy says we should spend more at the Windsor border. Ignatieff says we should widen the Trans-Canada and spend more on public transportation. I liked Kennedy's "we should give cities the 2 cent gas tax and not try to take credit for it". However, the obvious question is why cities ( i.e. Ontario cities) don't have a municipal gas tax, like in Montreal and Vancouver, and just leave the federal government out of the loop entirely? Maybe the federal gas tax should go to Via Rail ! That is something that benefits cities but is clearly a federal jurisdiction. And the federal government can take credit for it.

Dion has a tendency to mumble when he gets worked up. That is unfortunate, because getting worked up is expected in French. Igantieff is clearly the best speaker, but the "we have a dream" bit was a tad convoluted by my tastes.

Bob Rae had us all checking our wallets. Not necessarily a bad thing, social programs cost money, but rising taxes are not popular with the electorate.

To be honest, I think Steven Harper and Gilles Ducepe were the biggest winners. Oh well.


Anonymous said...

lol you're ridiculous.

Kennedy rocked with his calm and yet passionate and well-reasoned defence of liberal values.

I think he's one of two candidates with a solid chance of really reinvigorating our party and our country.

petroom said...

No, he doesn't say much. I don't expect him to develop an entire set of policies. That's Dion's trick.

Kennedy is well spoken and an asset to the federal Liberal team. Combo him with Dion and I think you have a one-two punch.

Anonymous said...

He may LOOSE the debate, but he certainly isn't LOSING it.

Find yourself a literacy program, you Blogging Tory, and a good shrink.

Altavistagoogle said...

Thanks, I noticed that. I'd change it but it would ruin my blog-search placement.

Why do you say I need a shrink?

KC said...
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Anonymous said...

Kennedy did not have a good debate.

Rae and Brison were standouts.

Anonymous said...

Because you're a psycho, Chris?

You should join the Blogging Tories where you belong. You already have their full blogroll on your site, and your spelling fits right in with those Tories.

Anonymous said...

Kennedy was great. He was the only one to even talk about party renewal.
He is the leader to give us a fresh start.


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