Twitter is Costing me Money

Last month, pre-Twitter, I made $7.26 thanks to my blog. Not much you say? Well, based on the first half of April, I'll only make $2.50 this month! Less than half? And it get's worse, twice as many people have clicked on ads in the first half of April vs. the first half of March. So Twitter is generating more traffic to my blog, but a much less lucrative one.

This is something to think about for those of you with higher blog income. Ashton Kutcher may have a million Twitter followers, but he ain't got didly from it. Well yet anyways. I'm sure he will lead us to something lucrative for him.

By the way, in case you are wondering, the most I "earned" was US$20.26 in October 2006, which I think was the Liberal convention. Bashing whatshisname was quite popular. And to be fair to Twitter, October 2008 only netted me 77 cents... 

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