Rocket Lies: Rogers Lies On Data Pricing

You may have seen the new Rogers "Rocket" USB (Universal Serial Bus) stick being advertised; faster than any other wireless network, is the tag line. The service uses Rogers' 3G High Speed Packet Access (HSPA) wireless (cellular/mobile) network, available in select urban areas. 

The problem is they don't mention the price .

There are a couple of flat out contradictions/lies on that site . 

Rogers gives you "worry free" data! Rogers helps you control data costs in 4 ways:
2.Overage rates at only $0.03 / MB if you do go out of bucket for plans $25 and up –so going 100MB over your data bucket only costs $3!

No, the overage is $5/MB for the first 5MB, $0.03/MB thereafter. So going 100MB over will actually cost you $27.25!

Additional Data $5/MB for the first 5MB, $0.03/MB thereafter

This is just one contradiction on the web site, heaven knows the discrepancies between the web site and Rogers' billing software. Why, for example, would they assure you that the maximum you could possibly be charged in in a month is $100, and not advertise the fact that you can use unlimited wireless Internet for a $100 a month !?

Data usage exceeding the amount included in your data plan (but excluding usage while roaming or while using subscription based or pay-per-use applications, which are subject to additional charges) will be charged at the applicable overage rate for your data plan up to a maximum of $100 less the monthly service fee for your data plan. Applies to new data plan subscriptions only, whether subscribed as a standalone plan or as part of a bundle.
Usage subject to Rogers Terms of Service and Acceptable Use Policy available at rogers.com/terms.

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