Tim Hortons in Cancun

Tim Hortons announced they will be opening a Tim Hortons in the country of Mexico. Here are some examples of Canadian and Americans that want the Tim Hortons option during their vacation. 




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Anonymous said...

Why yes, why don't we spread awful Tim Horton's coffee to countries that know what real coffee tastes like? It must just be familiarity that draws the majority into drinking this vile swill. I used to as well, then discovered Java Blend coffee roasters in Halifax about 25 years ago. When I tried a cup of that, I was awoken from the somnambulent bliss that had me thinking Timmie's was great. To this day, I drink superior coffee that actually costs less than machine brew from the majors. Apparently showing some gumption and trying something beyond the familiar is too much effort.

Back in 1970, Monty Python had a skit on the bad British food available on Spain's Costa del Sol, demanded by package-holidaying Brits who wouldn't have recognized good food if they were force fed it. Menu of the Hotel Intercontinent-in-ahlee headed by a bowl of Campbell's condensed mushroom soup. What a hoot. That and dreadful Watney's Red Barrel beer, when far better was available both home and abroad. Spanish food beat Brit food by a country mile.

Meanwhile, why cannot Canadians visiting foreign countries absorb a little foreign culture and try local? Or is it a case of wanting to turn everywhere into a cheap plastic initation of life back home? To avoid inconvenience while tanning in the sun?

Just makes me shake my head.



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