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I do not want New Brunswick to be a clone of Ontario. What is the justification for Gerard Kennedy's national standards on education? Education is a provincial jurisdiction. There is no need for federal intervention. There are many ways to educate children and young adults. It varies from one jurisdiction to an other. It's not an exact science.

As an Acadien, I don't want some Torontonian telling me how to educate my children.

The federal government has many powers, but education is not one of them.

What is next for Gerard Kennedy, federal standards for drinking water (as the Toronto Star has advocated)? Perhaps we need national standards for the width of sidewalks...

Enough! We shouldn't need a new round of constitutional talks. But at least respect the federalism we currently have!

Quebec is most probably going to the polls in early December. Imagine Kennedy advocating federal standards during his convention speech, at the height of the Quebec election campaign. Imagine all those English Canadians cheering on.

Now imagine Quebeckers saying non-merci, rolling there eyes and voting PQ.

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DivaRachel said...

You are so funny. :0)

Anonymous said...

I guess Iggy doesn't need any support from Kennedy supporters because after reading your post, I will never consider Iggy.

You are rude and insulting.

So, Kennedy wants to help the provinces with childcare and post-sec. education, big deal, this is nothing new.
The Conservatives are asking the provinces for wait time guarantees in healhcare, according to you this is NDP behaviour and massive interference. What nonsense. Quebec has agreed previously to a chilcare agreement with the previous Liberal Government, Kennedy wants to continue that and help the provinces meet their goals.
Sound great to me, a more competitive Canada.

Anonymous said...

Does Mr. Ignatieff like the posts you are making on his behalf? I think I will send them to his campaign manager.

I wonder if he will approve of the way you are insulting Mr. Kennedy?

Let's find out.

KC said...

You're trying to start an anybody-but-Kennedy movement? Ya... uhh... good luck with that buddy.

Anonymous said...

Should the federal government be involved in health care?

LIB YYC said...

The tone of all your posts is very snobby, holier-than-thou. If you want people to take you seriously, you have to cut this mean, aggressive tone and be more assertive.

Anonymous said...

Michael Ignatieff; the Liberal answer to Kim Campbell.

Anonymous said...

I wish the blog awards had MOST MORONIC SITE, Id nominate you. Petty, petty, petty.

Altavistagoogle said...

Fadi, thanks for your question. Like most Acadians, I am in favour of kicking the monarchy out of Canada. Examples of federal republics include Switzerland, Mexico, Germany, Austria, Brazil and many others.

Anonymous said...

Le mercredi 04 octobre 2006
Stéphane Dion et Bob Rare se sont salués alors que leurs chemins se sont croisés, hier soir.
Sylvain Marier, Le Droit
Joute oratoire à saveur régionale pour Dion, Rae et Kennedy
Le Droit
En l'absence du meneur Michael Ignatieff, les trois candidats qui le talonnent de plus près se sont prêtés à une joute oratoire à saveur régionale, hier soir à Gatineau, devant quelque 150 membres du Regroupement des gens d'affaires de la capitale nationale.
D'entrée de jeu, l'aisance de Stéphane Dion et Bob Rae offrait un contraste frappant avec la performance de Gerard Kennedy, qui a beaucoup souffert de sa maîtrise souvent approximative du français.

Anonymous said...

Gerard Kennedy is married to an Acadian. I hardly think you represent all Acadians.

Furthermore, there is nothing in his National Learning Strategy that pertains to elementary,junior and senior high students. But then again, your blog is all about promoting lies, so at least you are consistent.
You are trying to tell a candidate
who has been an education minister what federal and provincial jurisidictions are?

That indeed, is laughable.

Altavistagoogle said...

Elizabeth Thompson, CanWest News Service; Montreal Gazette
Published: Wednesday, August 30, 2006 Article tools
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OTTAWA - Canada should adopt national standards in areas such as education if it wants to compete in an era of globalization, says Liberal leadership hopeful Gerard Kennedy.

''A federal government can be much more effective if it takes the leadership role and I think that is what has been missing,'' said Kennedy, who stepped down as Ontario's education minister to seek the leadership of the federal Liberal party.

''We need to declare what our goals are, the provincial governments need to be brought along as partners ... These are the jurisdictions of the provincial governments but they too should meet standards, just like the federal government should. In the absence of that we will be unable to compete in the global economy.''

Kennedy says those national education standards should be accompanied by federal cash and the provinces should work together to set them.

''If you look at the equalization premise in the Constitution it is about comparable standards. We don't even know if we have comparable standards. What we have is comparable funding, but what we don't have is the result. And that is going to hold us back.''

While he wants to see Ottawa play a leadership role in developing national standards for education, he says it would be a mistake to have a homogenous curriculum across the country.

Under the Canadian Constitution, education falls largely under provincial jurisdiction and provinces have jealously guarded their right to decide what is taught in their schools and which standards should apply.

However, the way Ottawa and the provinces relate to each other over their respective jurisdictions is just one of the things Canada should approach differently as it moves into the 21st century, says Kennedy.

Ever since he jumped into the crowded leadership race in April, Kennedy has sought to set himself apart as a candidate for a new generation and for a new century.

With less than two weeks to go before the next general Liberal leadership debate this time in Quebec City on Sept. 10 Kennedy is also working hard to show Quebecers that a guy raised in the West and who served in Ontario Liberal Premier Dalton McGuinty's cabinet can understand Quebec and deal with its concerns.

Kennedy, who was criticized in the spring by some Liberals for lack of fluency in French, has spent much of the summer in Quebec.

Along the way, he says, he learned a lot about the province.

''I think I got a sense of diversity in Quebec which was really important ... I also got a bit of a sense, that I'm still sort of assimilating, about the whole relationship between Quebec and Canada and Quebec in its own past.''

And when it comes to how to approach Quebec, Kennedy rejects a tough federalist line as well as a more decentralized view of federal-provincial relations.

''I'm in favour of the third way which is basically to come up with a purpose that appeals equally to Quebecers and to the rest of the country.''

LIB YYC said...

Three words: Federal Spending Power.

scott said...

As an Acadien, I don't want some Torontonian telling me how to educate my children.

As Canadians, we really have to get over this sensationalized sense of regionalism where we pit ourselves against one another.

But, where I do agree with you, even though I will vote for Harper come next election, is that Ignatieff is the cream of the crop in the Liberal race. Unfortunately, for me, I find it difficult to overlook the fact he has been out of the country for so long prior to the race. We have to have a little national pride after all. ;-)


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