Population of Ontario-Quebec in 1825: 598,755

Remember, you don't adjust population for inflation. In 1825, the population of Canada (Ontario plus Quebec) was the population of today's Montenegro . The majority of the population (3/5ths) had French as a first language. In other words, those were the days... :-)

Hat tip to Google Book and the Political Annals of Lower Canada  by John Fleming, 1828.

Interestingly enough, Fleming figured Ontario-Quebec's population would one day be 50 million people. We are going to have to relax our immigration laws for that to happen any time soon. 


Skinny Dipper said...

We could always annex California. It would be like our very own southern Alaska--warmer. Canwest Global could buy programs from Hollywood and these would be considered Canadian. Instead of western alienation coming from BC and Alberta, we could have Great Lakes-St. Lawrence alienation from Ontario and Quebec. The federal Conservative Party could replace Stephen Harper with Arnold Schwarzenegger. Canada could have P.M.S.

Altavistagoogle said...

Flemming predicted 50 million for the territory of Ontario-Quebec. I'm pretty sure he would have considered the annexing of the Maritimes, the West and, indeed, California, as cheating.

Still, if it saves Global, the channel that brought The Simpsons to Canada (when Fox was not available), I'm all for it.


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