Africa wins Grand Prix, Canada, Not. So Much

There are over 40 million people within a days drive of Montreal's
Iles Saint-Helen, home of the Grand Prix du Canada.

In their wisdom, the F1 brass have chosen to abandon North America in
2009, prefering the United Arab Emirates (of which Dubai is part of).

Easy to read too much in to the decision, after all, Abu Dhabi (UAE),
two hours from Dubai, doesn't have Nascar, Cart or Indy racing. Still,
losing world class events to what is still a third world country kind
of stings.

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noamzs said...

First off, it is Abu Dhabi. Second off, it is not in Africa; it is in the Middle East. Thank you for showing me that even ignorant people can write blogs.

Altavistagoogle said...

Thanks for the correction, post amended accordingly (replaced the G with the D, I'll pretend it was an iPhone typo).

The Middle East is not a continent. Sorry. You have your choice between Asia and Africa. Although to be anal, Africa is part of Eurasia as it is one big land mass surrounded by water. The Suez canal is man made, therefore I don't count it as a body of water. If it does count, then Panama is part of two continents (although there are no docks in the case of Suez...).

On the subject of continents, why is Mexico part of North America but not Belize?


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