Update: Amended for February 2013 TV.

You should read: House of Cards is a Hit! for my pay TV suggestions.

My Canadian Hulu, Fall 2012. As I did last year, this is my list of links, so I can easily view TV with one click. Links will be updated as I discover more shows. Links work in Canada.

Short URL: j.mp/tvcan

Create your own list: CBC (right click to copy link when in shows list), CTV, City, Global, SRC, TVO, Showcase, MTV. If you can't find your favourite show, it is possibly because Rogers is hording it on their cable only FX Canada channel. Although setting up a blog is easy, you can save your links in your Gmail if you don't have one. CBC, City, Global, SRC (tou.tv) and TVO have excellend iPad apps. Rogersondemand.com is iPad compatible.

For the 2012 TV season.

-TMZ (scroll down and click on "full episodes")

-Arctic Air CBC

-Edge of War City

-Mr. D (CBC)
-1600 Penn City
-Malibu Country City
-Last Man Standing City
-Suburgatory City
-Modern Family City
-The Office Global
-The Daily Show CTV
-Parks and Recreation City
-The Big Band Theory CTV
-Seed City
-Whitney CTV

Funny in French
-Infoman SRC

Documentary and Public Affairs
-The Passionate Eye CBC
-60 Minutes CBS
-Frontline PBS (some episodes not viewable in Canada)
-Nova  PBS (some episodes not viewable in Canada)

Reality TV
-The Amazing Race

-Departures City
-Wild Things City

-Hockey Night in Canada (CBC, some games are streemed live)
-NHL ($50 subscription; only the out of market games are live)

When you start to feel stupid, you can read a bit:
-Free news

In February 2013, added Arctic Air, Departures, Edge of War, Wild Things, Whiteney and Seed. Removed Last Resort and 30 Rock.  2013-02-06: Don't trust the bitch in Apartment 23 was canceled. :(

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Bob Broughton said...

I'm trying to find the Eliot Spitzer program on Current TV online. I found it on archive.org, but the segments are 90 to 120 seconds. Any suggestions?


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