Rogers to French Customers: Speak White!

My friend at Rogers forwarded me an email that was sent to employees today asking Rogers call centre agents to convince francophone customers to speak English.

Here is an excerpt:
(RHP: Rogers Home Phone. Cx: customer, TM: Team Manager)

I wanted to share the processes with all of you in the event that you come
accross RHP customers that would like to have their RHP support in French (as
there is currently no RHP French Queue):
1) Attempt to convince the cx to troubleshoot with a RHP rep in English.
2) If the customer insists, email Real-Time and have them reach out to a French speaking RHP rep that can call the customer back within 24 hours (set
the 24 hour callback rule as the expectation for the customer as well).
3) If the customer insists that a French speaking RHP rep must call them immediately, email your TM, who will in turn reach out to a RHP TM, who will have a bilingual RHP rep call the customer ASAP .

According to my friend, there are no French speaking Rogers Home Phone agents, so that 24 hour reply is nonsense.

How can a huge company like Rogers have so little respect for its Acadian and Franco-Ontarian customers?
Although Rogers Home Phone is not available in Quebec, Portable Internet is. Thankfully, Rogers does offer technical support in French for Portable Internet. However, the included antivirus (Norton) and webmail platforms (Yahoo Mail) are only provided in English. I suppose if Rogers expects Quebec customers to speak English, Acadians and Franco-Ontarians don't have a hope.

Thank goodness for Bell and Aliant .

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The competition is more French friendly. English, not so much:
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