I want an iPod touch / iPhone projector

First, Apple makes me wait until July 11, 2008, before I can buy an iPhone. Then this company brags about an iPod touch / iPhone projector with absolutely no way to buy it. Argh!

I love renting movies and buying TV shows from iTunes. Unfortunately, the iTunes /Quicktime combo is too hard on my computer and they don't play as smoothly as they should. I could (should) upgrade computers (brand new one at Wal-Mart will only set you back $300), but I've been loosing so much money on the stock market (thanks Google, Apple and that stupid oil wholesaler that I chose at random), that my budget is pretty tight. Besides, buying a new computer to watch movies/TV is crazy.

So I almost got an Apple TV ($250). But that strikes me as buying a computer to watch movies/TV, and that's crazy.

And they play perfectly on my iPod touch. iPod touch and iPhones have a cool TV out feature. Not so cool is the required wire. It is $60 plus $6 for shipping. $66 for an RCA cable! On the plus side, it includes a USB power adapter, but if you have an iPhone fist generation, you already have one of those. You can get a component (HD) version for the same price. The irony, of course, is that component inputs are seldom available on newer HD monitors (mostly HDMI inputs now days).

As you can't download HD content via iTunes anyway unless you have an Apple TV (well that makes perfect sense... NOT !), I opted for the $66 Apple glorified RCA (composite) cable. I haven't seen the wire anywhere else. I know it is hard to believe, but you need the Apple version, nothing else works.

That is, until this. With this you don't even need a monitor. A wall would do just fine. So cool. Not sure if it actually works without the Apple wire though. And anyway, it isn't available for purchase yet.

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