The new iPhone will be rectanglish

7 days till D day, so here are my iPhone predictions. Please note I don't have any insider information, yet (but you will be the first to know, I promise). These are just predictions based on my top secret prediction algorithms.
The new (and, obviously, improved) iPhone will be:
-In the general form of a rectangle;
-Available in English;
-Compatible with iTunes;
-Only available in a ziploc (sorry, no box... Get it? )
Wouldn't it be cool if I was wrong and the new iPhone is actually:
-Perfectly round;
-Not available in English (what's the Spanish word for cool?)
-Incompatible with iTunes;
-Only available in a gigantic box (to cut down on shoplifting).
Other possibilities.
-The new iPhone comes free with a MacBook air. Unfortunately, it is not sold separately.
-Steve Jobs is already bored with cell phones and will launch the Apple iCar.
-The iPhone will be unlockable with an iris or finger print scan.
-All new Macs will come with integrated cell phones.
-Apple will buy Yahoo just to piss of Microsoft.
-The "I'm a Mac" guy will pull a Micheal Jackson and never be heard from again. Or maybe he will just get fat (same consequence).

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