Rogers Hates French People

Well "hate" maybe too strong, but if George Bush hates Black people, than Ted Rogers and his company Rogers Communications hates French people. If you are French speaking, you can not expect good service in French if you are a Rogers Cable or Rogers Home Phone customer. No tech support is available in French for Rogers Home Phone. "Level 2" support is not available in French for Rogers Internet customers. If your account is suspended because of a virus, you will have to verbally agree to a legal agreement, in English.  
The included software is in English only. The portal page, ditto. Basically, if you are an Acadian or Franco-Ontarian, Rogers expects you to speak English.
Rogers recently received government subsidies to expand the Internet coverage in Northern New Brunswick, where, in case you hadn't noticed, the vast majority of people only speak French.
The Premier of Ontario is bilingual. The Premier of New Brunswick is bilingual. There are 750,000 French speakers in those provinces. Rogers has call centres in the very bilingual cities of Moncton, Montreal and Ottawa. So what is the problem?
I guess the headquarters of Rogers, located in Toronto, hates French people.
Long live Bell.

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