Quebec Pizza

"Quebec Pizza: Poptarts with ketchup"

That is the hilarious line in the trailor for Love Guru, a Mike Myers

As a former Quebecker, I can say with confidence that Quebeckers love
ketchup and they love pop tarts, but not together.

However, Quebeckers in the Eastern Towships eat their pizza with
mayonaise. And Kraft Diner with ketchup is a popular home dish (when
they eat out they spring for poutine).

I know people who don't put ketchup on their fries (they prefer
viniger) but do put ketchup on their Kraft Diner.

If their is a Quebec style pizza, it would the "all dressed":
Mozerella, thin peperoni, green pepers and mushrooms.

Do you remember when McDonald's had that pizza trial? That was the
only kind available.

McCains actually sells a Quebec variety with the above mentionned
ingredients, but only sells it in Quebec and northern New Brunswick.
Their Deluxe Pizza should work in theory, peperoni, green pepers and
mushrooms, but somehow fails (wrong type of peperoni and cheese, I

Mikes has the best chain "all dressed" pizza, they even have a frozen
one for sale in Supermarkets in Quebec and Edmundston.

All dressed pizza is the biggest thing I miss about Quebec. Only the
Mikes in Dieppe serves them. The locals in Moncton prefer the fusion
Greek-Lebanese-Turkish-Italian dish called Donair-Pizza.

So now you know.

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