iPhone in Canada: only $1.49 per day!

$1.49 per day to never get lost and always have access to the
Internet. Seems OK to me. That is assuming you already have a cell
phone and are paying about $40 per month.

Total additional cost of the iPhone on the mandatory three year
contract: $1640.

Let's see, I have access to free wifi downtown Moncton, at work and at
the Hilcrest Mall (and at home). And the 3G network in New Bruswick is
limited to urban Moncton... Hmm.

All this is assuming that Rogers will charge a mandatory $40, one GB
data package (per month) with the iPhone. It is $30 and unlimited in
the USA.

In the US, you can select your own voice package. I assume the same
for Canada.

Envoyé depuis mon iPod / Sent from my iPod touch.

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