Progressive Bloggers Do Not Steal Movies or Music

Progressive Bloggers Do Not Steal Music.
Or maybe that should be Progressive Bloggers "shouldn't" steal  movies or music. Because clearly some are. How else can you explain wanting a "made in Canada solution" to protect us against the American copyright lobby.
That is like asking for a "Made in Virginia" solution to smoking. The fact that Canadians are net consumers of movies and music doesn't make it OK to steal from American artists.
If there is one thing that is OK to copy, it is good law. And Canada needs good copyright law. Stealing movies and music is completely immoral. You are not stealing music to feed your kids, you are stealing music for entertainment.
If artists want to give their work away, that is their prerogative. It isn't for the rest of us to make that decision for them.
Our culture depends on it. It is hard enough for Canadians to compete with American cultural products as it is without those products being free!
So get an iTunes account for 99 cent music. If you want legally free music, you can download from here.
Feel free to reproduce this post, email it, heck, you can pretend you wrote it, that is how generous I'm feeling today. Do that for the rest of my blog and I'll send Steven Harper knocking on your door.
I spend about a $100 a year on music. And that is about how much money my blog generates in advertising revenue. See how that works?


Scott Tribe said...

What hyperbole. I haven't seen even the American copyright lobbyists stooping to that.

Explain to us how wanting a Made-in-Canada solution for copyright law that is fair to both consumers and artists rather then taking a clone of the DMCA act in the US as the American copyright lobbyists want (and the act has been roundly criticized) is the equivalent of stealing.

Altavistagoogle said...

If you don't steal, there is nothing to be affraid of in the copywright bill.


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