Two Tuner PVR finally coming to New Brunswick

When I moved to New Brunswick a couple of years ago, I was shocked to find out that Rogers in New Brunswick was still using the single tuner Personal Video Recorder (aka Tivo like Digital Video Recorder). So you can't watch one program while recording an other (like you would with a VCR).

Since moving to New Brunswick, have a uni-tuner PVR. Contrary to a VCR, you can watch a recorded program while recording an other. You can also pause live TV. But I was used to Ontario where Rogers uses Scientific Atlanta's two tuner model PVR. Two tuners is way better because, like a VCR, you can watch a live program while recording an other. You can also record two programs while watching a pre-recorded program. You can also watch one live station and have an other in picture-in-picture.

Anyway, I felt like crying when I found out the bad news about New Brunswick. If I wasn't living in an apartment, I would have opted for Express Vu who offer said two tuner digital video recorder.

Rogers is using the single tuner model because of legacy Shaw equipment at the head end (Shaw and Rogers swapped some territories a few years ago). The Shaw equipment was Motorola. Motorola does have a two tuner model, but Rogers has been dragging it's feet.

According to my source, the two tuner model is being tested in New Brunswick as of today. I don't know any other details.

Perhaps more soon at the excellent digitalhome.ca

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