Senator John McCain Cheated on his Wife, Divorced her and Still Got her Support !

Yet although Mr. McCain's children and some friends were angry and disappointed with him at the time, they rally around him today. No candidate could be luckier in his choice of an ex-wife than Senator McCain, and he must be the only politician around who could cheat on his wife and divorce her and still get her support and her campaign contributions today. Even her friends rave about him. (P.O.W. to power broker, a Chapter Most Telling)
When John Mccain was 42 he cheated on his wife, mother of his three children, with a 25 year old rich girl. He later married the 25 year old rich girl (still his wife today).
So here is a recap: John McCain is an adulterer (although adultery is (was?) legal in Hawaii, where he met is mistress (now his wife);
Mr. 10 commandments Mike Huckabee received thousands of dollars of gifts from constituents; Barak Obama bought a house in Chicaco in a dubious land deal and the father of two was, until recently, a smoker .
Hilary Clinton was the victim of adultery, but as far as I know, on the moral compass, she is pretty clean (Peter Paul and Whitewater notwithstanding).

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Anonymous said...

"nice guys always loose"

though in hiliary's case, it's 'nice girls'....though in retrospect, it should just be 'nice people'

why? because less nice people are just better at hiding that fact.


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