I you liked Flight of the Concords, you will Love Greg and Gentillon

Flight of the Concords, which played this summer on HBO and The Movie Network, is a blatant copy of Greg and Gentillon. Greg and Gentillon are from my home town of Aylmer, Quebec, and they are super good, man. Well actually, they are terrible. But the documentary about them is great.
I just saw the documentary on The Movie Network on demand. Alternatively, you can buy the DVD.
"Toronto is it, man, if you make it there, you can... go to Vegas and LA".
This is a documentary that features Gatineau (which Aylmer is part of), Edmundston, Halifax and Toronto. All in one movie. Tabarnak, it is amazing, stea.
I especially love the way the guys pronounce Toronto. They pronounce it the way God intended: The French way.
This is the best documentary I've seen since Bowling for Colombine. And way fewer people die in this one.
A must see.
What others have said:
"If This Is Spinal Tap is port-infused cheddar, Greg & Gentillon is Cheez Whiz. This piece of  fromage follows comedy team Greg & Gentillon..." (Now Toronto).

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