Oprah for VP. Eight Vice Presidents Have Succeeded Presidents Who Died in Office

According to the New York Times, eight vice presidents have succeeded presidents who died in office . As I mused previously, Obama should chose a female black running mate in case all those years of smoking, or a bullet, catch up to him.
But who should it be? The Kansas City Star thinks that Oprah as VP would be a joke. Oprah would be change. A white Senator, not so much. Oprah, Oprah, Oprah!
Alternatively, a Native-American would be a good choice (but wouldn't be the first, Chales Curtis got there first). Alternatively, Jimmy Smits would be a good choice (Yes, I realise that the West Wing is a work of fiction, but tell me the 2004-2005 season of the West Wing didn't have anything to do with Obama's current success...).
Others on the subject of Vice-President Oprah (aka Opra):
Vice-Presidents who attained the presidency by death of the President:
-John Tyler (1841)

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