Sarah Ellen Robertson Raises Eyebrows

This storry just blows my mind. Skip the Cadburry commercial if you have seen it a million times.

There is some obvious stop motion going on there.

This half Aussie half philapeno girl one-ups them.

Two years later...

No fakery, promise.

The promo circuit

The obligatory Eyebrow Gangnam Style video.

The music and fashion career

Here she is promoting other talent!

From eyebrows.

Also, these two Youtube channels are positively weird:
theinternetisweird and internetisaweird2 . At first I thought they were being used to rip off good videos. But I tink they were actually set up to promote Sarah, the girl with a funny talent.

Coudos to Micheal Rog of Sydney, Australia, for setting up girlwithfunnytalent.com in January.


Ghostwriter said...

I think she's half Filipino; not philapeno. Philippines, you know.

Anonymous said...

I actually think that she`s completely aussie if she was born in aust, completely filipino if born in the philipines...and I completely too old for this chick anyway!


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