Condoleezza Rice for Vice-President of the United-States

Turning a page
These are historic times. The Democratic candidate for President of the United States will be black or a women. But what if the Republican candidate, John McCain, wins? What a missed opportunity.
So I say McCain should chose Condoleezza Rice as a vice-presidential running mate.
There are many reasons other than sex or colour why Obama should be president. Ditto for Clinton. That said...
First Black President of the United-States of America.
Barack Obama is only black in colour. He was raised by his white mother and his Indonesian step father. After the age of two, he only met his late Kenyan father once. Before moving to Indonesia, he lived in Hawaii. After living in Indonesia until the age of ten, he returned to live with his maternal grand-parents in Hawaii. There are plenty of non-whites in Hawaii and Indonesia, but nobody would argue they are many blacks.
As an adult, he certainly was exposed to African-American culture in Los Angeles, New York and Chicago (home to 1.1 million blacks).
So Barack Obama is black in colour only. Although you coud argue he has had enought exposure, as an adult, for that culture to rub off. By the way, Obama is the only black Senator (there are two per state: 100). That said, racial discrimination againts blacks in the United-States wasn't because of their music or their ability to dance, the discrimination was race, colour of skin. And this discrimination included slavery, voting rights, sitting on the bus, using the bathroom... A black man couldn't use a white only bathroom in some parts of the USA in 1968. 40 years later a black man has a good chance of becoming president.
First women president of the United-States of America
Hillary Clinton is obviously a women and it would be hard to argue otherwise. You could consider her a modern feminist. She hasn't had to violently fight in the streets for women rights, but she has used those rights to become a lawyer, a senator and now trying to be the first female president of the United-States of America. 19th Amendment (1920): no law may restrict any sex from voting. Less than 90 years later, a women might finally become President of the United-States.
The first in the World: not so much.
Now there are plenty of racial minorities who have become leaders around the world. Ditto for women. But the United-States is a gigantic country. A world on to itself. And in that world, having a black president of female president is a big thing.
John McCain
John McCain is immensely popular. He is a centre-right candidate who would probably shut down the Guantanamo prison camp in a heartbeat. He isn't a fan of torture either. In a sense, the major errors of the Bush administration never would have happened under John McCain's leadership. I say it would be a good strategy to ask Condoleeza Rice to be his running mate. Could condoleeza Rice be President of the United-States if McCain kicked the bucket: yes. Rice is black, was raised by blacks in a black community. She is also a women. Her assention to power symbolises that the United-States is turning the page on its racist and sexist past. She would be a competend vice-president. Perhaps even more so as president (John McCain is 71).
A black vice-president
If Hillary Clinton is chosen a the Democratic nominee, she obviously will chose Barack Obama as her running mate. If Obama is chosen as the Democratic nominee, for security reasons, he should chose a black running mate. And why not, one that is female. If Obama choses a white anglo-saxon as running mate, even if he wins, Obama would be a stroke (or bullet) away from the USA returning to the status quo (Brack Obama, 47, was a smoker untill a few months ago...).
John McCain smoked untill he was 43... Half of smokers will enventually die because of smoking.


Anonymous said...

Condoleezza for president or vice?
INDIE KLINE recently put up there song about this on Youtube.

Anonymous said...

bet you the people who dislike and say bad things about a John McCain and Condoleezza Rice ticket are Democrats. Their probably afraid that they might pursued minorities and females to vote for them. Rice and Mean is a Republican Dream Team and Democrats worst nightmare.


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