Brand New cars for 10 Grand!

Check your calender. Yes, it is 2008. And yet you can get a brand new car for 10 grand! Hat tip to Redflagdeals. Unfortunatly, some dealers are charging $1100 extra for delivery. Still, as the Hyundai website says the normal starting price is $13,600...
Hyundai Canada introduces Quebec-only Accent
    MARKHAM, ON, Feb. 11 /CNW/ - In celebration of its 25th anniversary,
Hyundai Auto Canada Corp. is offering savings of $3,600 to Quebecers on all
models of its highly popular small car, the Hyundai Accent. For a limited
time, both hatchback and sedan models will start at $9,995 beginning Monday,
February 11, 2008.
    "It is our Silver Anniversary and we wanted to give something back to our
customers," said John Vernile, Vice President, Sales and Marketing, Hyundai
Auto Canada Corp. "We recognize that Quebec is one of our most-important
markets, and it is a small-car market. What better way to celebrate than to
offer a special discount for Quebec?"
    The special edition Accent will have unique badging commemorating the
company's 25th anniversary.
    Hyundai Auto Canada, established in 1983 and headquartered in Markham
Ontario, is a subsidiary of Hyundai Motor Company of Korea. Hyundai vehicles
are distributed throughout Canada by Hyundai Auto Canada and are sold and
serviced through more than 165 dealerships nationwide.

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