iPhone not coming to Canada any time soon :-(

iPhone not coming to Canada any time soon (wasn't sure about how to spell "coming", so I Googled the term and clicked on "images", an Iphone was the 7th picture! However, no iphone with the alternate spelling...).

According to my source who should know, the Iphone is not coming to Canada any time soon. Granted, he could be lying, but I doubt it.

In the interim, here is the solution: take iPod touch, duck tape a small phone to it, add a camera (use Velcro) and voila! You have a perfectly usable iPhone (assuming you live and work dowtown Moncton or Fredericton (for the free Wifi), or never leave your home (for your wireless home network)).

Here is an amusing visitor statistic:

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The guy in this Newsworld clip (November 2007) is not my source.

The yellow kermit is not my source either.

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