A guy I know downloads illegal movies, will Crime Stoppers give me a reward?

I know 3 or 4 people who I don't particularly like who admit to downloading unpurchased movies on to their computers. Will Crime Stoppers give me money if I tell on them? Probably not, but if the movie studios were smart they would set up a hotline.
I don't quite get the moral logic behind people who download software, movies and music without paying for it. Stealing is stealing and it is wrong. If artists want to let you download their stuff free of charge, that is their prerogative. Otherwise, take out that credit card or do without.


Ezra Winton said...

How 1990 is this post?!
I spend about $3,000 per year supporting independent film and television, both by buying DVDs and by going to theatres. I'm doing my part, and sure as hell George Lucas or HBO do not need my cash - I'll save it for those who need it.

And the market has nothing to do with morals...but a culture that rewards snitching is very much an ethical issue...

Panopticon anyone?

PS: thanks for reading my post, even if i qualify as a cultural thief.

Altavistagoogle said...

Just so you know, I know for a fact that Paramount is actively taking legal action against Canadians who dowload (and upload) copyright material via peer to peer software (the Internet).

Bragging about it on your blog just makes their job easier.

Stealing copyright materials was wrong in 1990, stealing copyright materials in 2008 is sitll wrong.

Who cares that you support independent film. You stole from HBO, Geroge Lucas and all those artist who get residuals from DVDs. Or, since you are in Canada, from The Movie Network (assuming you don't subscribe). Just remember, Conrad Black didn't think what he did was wrong either. The American justice system though different (did you at least dowload from a Canadian site/peer?).

By the way, just so there is no confusion, you are not allowed to read this blog unless connected to the Internet (the Google adds don't work otherwise). I own it, I make the rules.


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