The 20 minute commute... by foot.

The May 5th issue of BusinessWeek has an interview with James Kunstler, author of The Geography of Nowhere.

The best thing about living in Moncton, pop 80,000, is that it takes 10 minutes from one end of town to the other, maybe 15 during the 4 to 5PM rush hour.

Now some people do live out in the country and spend a good deal of time and money commuting, but the vast majority don't. Out of 20colleagues I asked, at 20 minutes, I have the longest commute. But that is 20 minutes by foot!

Many Monctonians have ocean side cottages less than 30 minutes from downtown, and only go on weekends!

Now granted, contrary to say Montreal, Ottawa or Toronto, fewer people take the bus. In fact, given the lousy public transportation, the average Monctonian probably spends more money on transportation than the average Torontonian.

So what is my point? I don't know, I just have so much free time I needed to waist some... :-)

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