Rogers Unlimited 7 Dollar Plan Could Lead to Lawsuits

Seven Dollars for unlimited surfing on your phone sounds like a good deal until you get a bill for $24,000. Four and five digit bills are what some Fido customers are getting this month. Rogers Wireless customers can expect the same soon enough.

The $7 plan only includes certain sites that Rogers has preapproved because they have low bandwidth versions (aka mobile Internet or wap sites). You must access those sites via the Rogers Browser on the phone.

The fine print at www.rogers.com/mobileinternet is pretty clear to me . To everybody else, not so much. Sales and customer service reps have been giving out mis-information. And the advertisement does say unlimited Internet, not unlimited access to certain parts of the Internet. And that whole thing about thirds party "apps" is a bit confusing. Since when is an html web site an app?

To ad to the confusion, Rogers and Fido have been a bit random about charging customers for usage. Some hacked iPhone users, for example, report not paying a dime while others report paying allot. That said, both Fido and Rogers seem to have ironed out some of the kinks, and are more confident in sending out four digit bills.

This is what is included in the small print on the Rogers web site:

What’s included in the

Browsing the mobile Internet through Rogers Mobile Internet Browser
to access to sites like:
Yahoo!® Search

ScoreMobile 2.0
Yahoo!® Canada

Government of Canada
New York Times

Air Date by Air G

How hard would itbe to say, unlimited portal surfing, or something of that nature? Anyway, surfing 20 mobile Internet sites, to me, does not qualify as "unlimited high speed browsing".

Anecdotal evidence:

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20 May 2008 by exeon This morning, I opened my mail and got my Rogers bill. It's a nice total of 787.19$... Why? I apparently used 13011 kb during last month which is totally ridiculous

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14 hours ago by ruffdeezy It seems as if owners of the Rogers Nokia N95 8gb phone are running into some difficulty and confusion. Apparently Rogers can't even decide if and how you can use the unlimited browsing vision pack on this phone

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tedsucks said...

im with fido and its been worst since ted took over... i wish there's a way to end this monopoly.

Tristan said...

Just an FYI, I called Rogers today and found out that if you subscribe to the $7/month unlimited internet service, you will automatically receive a txt message for any data you incurr that does not qualify under that plan. Instantly. Then you will receive more at pre-defined intervals. Hope this helps, but I have browsed a lot on the built in browser over the last month and a half and (to stats 1-2 days old) have not been charged for any excess data under the $7/month plan. This includes, hotmail, facebook, google, including using google to bring up html webpages, embedded pictures, i downloaded a picture as an attatchment by accident once and was not charged for that. as a side note, i have now changed my browsers start page to a custom page i created at tagtag.com and have not been charged extra. so things look ok for now. Hope this helps.


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