iPhone version of Grand Theft Auto IV available june 24

I'm not a journalist so I figure I have right to make stuff up, so here goes:

The makers of Grand Theft Auto IV, Rockstar ltd.,, are working on an iphone version of the popular game (lucky for people in Antartica, the only place the Iphone won't be launched this year, the game will also work on the iPod touch).

The game sacrifices verry little in the iPhone version, it is going to be quite impressive according to the Softimage receptionist I'm sleeping with. Softimage is the Montreal company that adapted Myst for the PS2 and has the contract for the iPhone adaptation of Grand Theft Auto 4 (they had to open an office in Moncton because of the extra work load).

In adition to being able to steer using the motion detector, players will be able to use there own city as a template for walking and running, taking advantage of the GPS feature of the upcoming iPhone version. Details on how this will work are a tad sketchy, but apparently they will not work for driving around for obvious safety reasons (still, running around town while looking at my phone seems rather dangerous to me).

Because the game will presumibly be played in public, it will be the toned down Australian version that will be adapted.

This new platform will allow Apple and Rockstar to compete with Nitendo's Wii and the many activity based games.

In other news, Apple has announced a deal with a Serbian company to bring the iPhone to Serbia. Bet the Montenagrians are regretting separating now...

Envoyé depuis mon iPod / Sent from my iPod touch.

Update (2008-05-13, 5am): Man, in an case of life immitating fiction (see Simpson episode), did I just stumble on to the truth?

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