Canada is a Tax Haven: no death tax, no captial gains on homes and no jail if you cheat

Wesly Snipes is going to jail, for three years, for cheating on his taxes! In Canada, we are more practical, he would only go to jail if he didn't have the money to pay the fine.
Canadians, contrary to Americans, don't pay an estate tax (death tax). You can inherit your uncle's boat tax free. You don't pay a cent either if you manage to win something. Richard Hatch wouldn't be in jail if he had been on Survivor Canada (and was a Canadian Resident).
Someone gives you 1 million dollars more than you paid for your home, then that million is yours. Let others pay for the free health care and such. Even better, take all your money and leave the country, keep your citizenship and never file a Canadian Tax return for as long as you live. You can even come back for visits!
But if you do stay, rest assured that property taxes are much lower than the 4% they pay in New Hampshire ("live free" my arse). There are no municipal sales taxes (minus the occasionnal hotel and gas pump (Montreal and Vancouver). No need to purchase heath care insurance, althouth you might want to get a drug plan, as drugs are cheaper than in the USA, but not free. Oh, no TV tax like in the UK and the public broadcaster won't pester you for donations.
Small businesses are treated like royalty, perticularly when it comes to capital gains (and remember, no need to purchase expensive heath coverage for your employees).
You will pay significantly less on electricity in places like Quebec, Manitoba and British Columbia. And Montreal's transit system is cheap to use ($66.25 per month). By the way, child care (aka day care) in Quebec is $7 a day...

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