Despite iPhone Fever, I'm Too Chicken For Apple

When I was a teen, I whatched an episode of (insert name here) when Alex Keeton (Micheal J. Fox) is distraught because his parents once had IBM shares and sold them when they were still cheap.

The kicker is that if my parents had bought a few thousand dollars of shares of IBM when that episode aired, they would now be rich.

Now that I'm old enough to buy shares, and have the money, I'm haunted by the thought of my son in 15 years going nuts because he just found out I almost bought shares of Apple in 2008.

Apple will be a very lucrative investment... or not. The iPod touch and the iPhone are amazing products. They allow people to use the World Wide Web away from their computers. Raise your hand if you use the web on a daily basis. Exactly. In 13 short years, the web has become as popular as the radio or TV. 80 year olds use the web! 8 year olds use the web. And to my complete disbelief, but proven by MySpace, teenage girls use the web.

Obviously, Apple won't always have the best mobile web surfing devices. But at the moment, it does.

So why don't I invest my life savings in Apple? The Newton, Betamax,Java. Great, revolutionary products that didn't do so well. That is why.

And why aren't teenage girls, or 8 and 80 year olds, surfing the web at the mall with their iPod touchs? Seriously, the touch has been out since Octobre, does May still qualify as the early adoption period?

So maybe I should invest in HTC, LG, Nokia or RIM. Sure, their mobile surfing sucks, but bad products never stopped consumers before.

Envoyé depuis mon iPod / Sent from my iPod touch.

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