Top 10 Reasons to Vote Conservative

Top ten reasons to vote Conservative (warning, contains sarcasm).
10. You are a gun manufacturer.
9. You sell jail optimization software.
8. You enjoy paying higher personal income taxes.
7. You think the federal government should interfere in provincial jurisdictions with tax credits (such as the transit pass credit that punishes Quebeckers for having cheaper transit passes).
6. You are a jumbo cargo plane pilot with security clearance to fly tanks to Afghanistan.
5. You need to employ cheap labour that doesn't necessarily speak English or French.
4. You are an Alberta employer and consider the unemployed Maritimers and Ontarians knocking on your door too expensive.
3. You enjoy being served by people who don't speak English or French as it gives you a reason not to tip.
2. You feel safer knowing that armed border guards are protecting us from Americans.
And the number one reason to vote Conservative: You think Employment Insurance premiums should continue to help pay for the war in Afghanistan. If the unemployed are hungry, they can joined the army. Its win win!

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