Terrorist Plan Attack on Canada

Threat Level: Magenta

Terrorist Plan Attack on Canada. I can't read Arabic, but I'm pretty sure this site describes Canadian targets to ALQueda members. Thankfully, Université de Moncton is only number 30 on the list.

Targets include Niagara Falls and Christmas babies.

The site is specially designed to fool non-members by having the scroll bar on the left.

The good news is that the Conservative government of Canada caved into the border guard union and is arming our border guards with guns, at a cost of hundreds of millions of dollars, to protect us against terrorist who may attempt to gain access to Canada via the United States.

Also good is the fact that Canadian soldiers, at a cost of billions of dollars, are in Afghanistan killing the terrorist before they can get on their horses and gallop towards Canada.

Seriously, I saw a recent documentary that said that terrorist groups often use images of water in order to associate terrorist activities with heaven. And there are, count them, 10 pictures of water on the site. 8 of the pictures are falling water. OK, I'm scaring myself; what is the 1-800 number for CSIS?

Disclaimer: I've been watching daily West Wing reruns and the Colber Report.

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