Unilingual Moncton Mayoral candidate George Leblanc Might Raise Taxes: Media Spokesperson

Brian Cormier, media spokesperson for the unilingual George Leblanc's Moncton mayoral campaign, confirmed in the comments on this blog that George Leblanc may indeed decide to raise taxes once elected mayor of Moncton. I use the term "decide" loosely as Leblanc, in his electoral pamphlet, promises to leave the decision up to a committee of community leaders and council members...

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Brian Cormier said...

That is a complete and utter lie, sir. I simply stated that it could be YOUR interpretation that he would raise taxes but it could also mean he would lower them. I was simply pointing out that your interpretation was not correct.

It's unfortunate that Mr. Michaud's campaign team has decided to start going all-out negative on Mr. LeBlanc and purposely misinterpreting perfectly innocent comments, however that is his decision.


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