Is it OK to Rough Up An Immigrant for a Good Car Chase Scene?

Yes, obviously a good car chase trumps the time of a few immigrants.
That being said, I used to live in Montreal where period films were
often filmed. Many of these films I knew I wouldn't be interested in.
So I can relate to LGirl's annoyance.

Still, when you live in a city, you should realise that it is a shared
space. Waiting a few minutes won't kill you. Movies require city
permits to mitigate annoyance, but democratically elected city
councils know there will be some.

You be the judge. I think the officer was trying to save LGirl* from
the impending car chase scene, not hurt her. Obey the rules and nobody
gets hurt.


We put up with New Yorkers because they live in a great city. But take
the New Yorker out of New York, and all you are left with is a New
Yorker. :)

They wouldn't have filmed so many Police Academies without the rule
obeying citizens of Mississauga/Toronto. Just saying.

*A few years ago, LGirl immigrated from New York City to Mississauga.

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