Donate To NDP and Bloc or Harper Will Be In Power For Ever

The annual federal party donation limit is $1100. Donating the maximum
will only cost you half that thanks to federal tax credits. The tax
credit on the first $400 is 75% ! That is right, a $400 donation will
only cost you $100.

Who doesn't have $100 to give to assure a bright future for our

Take advantage of your tax refund to give. The donation caps are quite
democratic. But like voting, if you don't use your right, you are
giving it to someone else. However, unlike riding voting, that person
could be a redneck out in Alberta!

Do you really want to give Albertan conservatives more power? I didn't
think so.

Give $1,100 this year to the progressive federal parties (NDP and the
Bloc). Your children will be gratefull (well, they probably won't, but
you will feel less guilty).

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janfromthebruce said...

good reminder. Needs to said about every month or so.

Chrystal Ocean said...

While I applaud the enthusiasm, I caution against rhetorical questions such as this: "Who doesn't have $100 to give to assure a bright future for our children?"

Answer: the desperately poor.

I'd also caution against supporting the false claim that anyone who makes a donation will get a tax refund. If you haven't enough income to pay income tax, then any political donations you make are fully your expense. E.g., I donated $35 last year. Got no money back since I don't make enough to pay income tax. In that sense, my donation was more meaningful than one substantially higher but made at less cost to the donor.


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