Canadian Hulu (cable free since November 20)

Did you know the Grey Cup was streemed live on both tsn.ca and rds.ca this year? Cool eh.

I'm a TV addict, yet going Internet only (no cable TV or antenna), has been quite easy

Here are some of the shows that I watch online:
(Get back here quickly with j.mp/aaatv or bit.ly/aaatv )
Outsourced and The Office on Globaltv.com , 30 Rock , Modern Family and Community on video.citytv.com or City TV iPad app , Big Bang Theory , Two and a half men , Sh*t My Dad Says, Desperate Housewives and The Amazing Race (shows.ctv.ca),  Weeds on showcase.ca, South Park ,  The Daily Show, The Colbert Report and Conan  on comedynetwork.ca, The Simpsons on iTunes, The Passionate Eye and Hockey Night in Canada on CBC.ca, Découverte on tou.tv, Season 2 of Jersey Shore on MTV.ca and, NBC Nightly News on msnbc.msn.com and , if you have access to a Vidéotron's online password: TVA's Caméra Café.

Turns out Caméra Café, like Big Brother, Survivor, The Apprentice and Next Top Model, is one of those international franchise shows. I wonder witch version contains n*dity. :)

Sadly, Infoman and Tout le monde en parles are not legally streamed on the Internet... yet.

My previous online TV musings:

Recommended podcasts (Youtube links):

-Twit (especially Tech News Today when Becky Worley in on) ;
-CommandN (Amber is good, the guy, not so much)

-The Guardian's Media Talk (I don't know why talk about media in a country I don't live in is so compelling, but it is)
-Iceberg Radio (Adult Alternative) 

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