What I Have Been Watching

Internet TV is great, except it does require a bit of work as sometimes it feels like there are 2 billion channels and nothing worth watching.

So to help you out, here are some of the shows I've been watching that I recommend for when you need your TV fix.

The links below are valid in Canada, in other countries, use your favourite search engine.

-Frontline (PBS)
-Jersey Shore, Season 2 (MTV)
-Everest (Netflix)
-Top Gear (Neflix)
-The Simpsons (iTunes)
-Desperate Housewives (the entire season is online!) (CTV)
-The Amazing Race (CTV)
-30 Rock (CITY)
-The Office (Global TV)
-Découverte (Radio-Canada)
-Infoman (Radio-Canada)
-Caméra Café (TVA, requires Vidéotron subscription)

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