Kobo eReaders Now $128!

Is 2010 the year of the ebook? Yes. For those of you too cheap for an iPad, an who insist a perfectly good 3.5 inch, genuinely pocket size, iPhone or iPod touch is too small, than the Kobo may be for you. If you weren't keeping score, June early adopters forked over $149 for the privilege of reading books on Kobo's non-wireless ereader. However, Amazon just launched a US$139 (plus $10 for delivery to Canada) Wifi only Kindle (shipping in September if you order today).

Reasons not to buy an eReader:

1. You work for Canada Post.
2. Your province only gives a sales tax rebate for the paper version of books (I'm talking to you New Brunswick)
3. You library is backwards and doesn't loan electronic library books (Ottawa and Calgary, amongst others, do, but they ARE NOT compatible with the Kindle).
4. If it weren't for book stores, you'd never get out of the house.
5. You have a crush on the cashier at your local bookstore.

Kobo is owned in part by the"good people" at Chapters-Indigo.

More from me on the Kobo.

PS. If you get a Kobo, get the black one. Oh, and can we close the libraries yet?

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