Give Now Or For Ever Hold Your Peace

If you don't like sending your hard earned dollars to Afghanistan in the form of bullets and subsidized Tim Hortons coffee, this is the time to give to your favourite federal party, as you will get up to 75% of your money back in April.

The $1100 federal donation limit is great until you meet the people who donate. Not particularly impressed with any of the parties? Apathetic? You realise that local politics affects you more? You are one of the people that needs to give. Otherwise, the pro-military will have too much influence and Canada will continue to send your money, and Canada's teenagers, to foreign wars.

Peace and common sense are counting on you.

21 billion dollars is spent each and every year on Canada's military. No country wants to invade Canada. Not one. If we pick a serious fight with someone down the road, I'm pretty sure we'll find someone to sell/rent us some arms. If you are against a big, bloated federal government, donate to a party like the NDP that favours a smaller military.

Canada has 32 million people and spends $21 billion dollars a year on the military (13th highest!). China has 1300 million people and spends $70 billion. Think about it.

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