Watch a Podcast On a PS3

Problem: you want to watch podcasts on your PS3 as easely as you do
with your iPhone/iPod touch.
Solution: Google Reader or MyYahoo. Use a computer to set this up.
To use Yahoo, find the podcast subcription feed/RSS/XML on the web
site associated with your podcast. Or search for it using Yahoo: the
word podcast plus the name of your desired podcast usually does the
trick. Some pages have an "add to myYahoo" widget, others will make
you right click on the feed icon and select copy. Remember, you want
the podcast feed, not a text version/feed of the web site.

After clicking on "add content" at the top of your MyYahoo page, click
on "add rss feed", and paste the link you copied. Done.

The links to the
podcasts (aka videos) should now appear in your page. Often, the
videos will be in a .m4v format. That will often leave your computer,
and Windows Media, clueless. But your PS3 knows that .m4v it is just
an iTunes friendly extention for an .mpg file (also known as MP4).
Same idea with Google Reader. Login to Gmail, click on the reader
link. Paste the streams or put keywords so Google can help you locate
the right feed.
When you load your MyYahoo or Google Reader page on your PS3, you can
press the x button on the video link to watch it immediatly.
This might not work so well, in wich Case, press the square button,
select "file" and then "save target as". You can dowload the file in
the background of your PS3. Meaning you can surf, or do pretty much
anything elese with your PS3 while you dowload the file.
The file will be listed under the Network icon while it downloads.
When it is done, it will be listed under the videos icon.

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