NBC Nightly News Takes Long Way to McGill

I enjoyed most of tonights' NBC nightly news (msnbc.com or podcast via
iTunes), they talked about Craigslist, Youtube and Twitter. They even
talked about my university town: Montreal.

Tom Costello reports that universities are largely funded by the
Canadian government, that McGill is prestigeious and that it is "a few
hours north of the American border".

Guess which subjects Costello didn't study at university.

The Canadian government gives research grants, no doubt . But much of
the university's budget comes from the government of Quebec (32%).

You would have to get seriously lost and enter Montreal during the
morning rush hour for McGill to be "a few hours drive north of the
border". Dito for the other universities mentionned: Carleton,
Queen's, UBC,Toronto.

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The exception is Dalhousie. That is the only university mentioned that
is a few hours drive from the US border. Maybe Costello wrote his
script about Halifax's Dalhousie but only got the budget to go to

Finally, McGill is Montreal's poor cousin. The province's leaders,
doctors and Nobel winners go to Université de Montréal. That truely
prestigious school is pearched between Westmount and Outremont.
Université de Montréal is so prestigious that to get in, Americans
must already have 1 year of university and be fluent in French!
(Quebeckers go to free CEGEP for grades 12 and 13).

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