Canada Does not Need Immigrants

This post is in direct response to WMTC 's post:

"Canada cannot survive without immigrants. The country's non-immigrant population growth is less than zero."

What is wrong with Canada having less people? Very few people immigrate here in the Maritimes, and people aren't exactly dying in the streets. Homes are more affordable, commutes are relatively short and you don't have to hold your nose on public transportation. In short, it is better here. Better. Not worse. Better.

Canada's population has skyrocketted over the last century. Yet what do we have to show for it? Technical innovations means we need fewer people to exploit our natural resources, not more. If potential citizens can't pass the citizenship test, buh bye. Better yet, they should pass the test before they immigrate to Canada.

Fact: Immigrants depress wages.
Fact: Immigrants use up valuable land.
Fact: Lower population is good for the environment.

I'm all for win-win immigration. But what I see is win-loose. Bring back the immigrant head tax!


ck said...

We will need more tax payers as the baby boomers retire in droves in the upcoming years. Statistics have said that it will take 4 tax payers to maintain one retiree and the fact is that our birth rate is very low.

So, it's either more immigrants or cut off the social safety nets. I know the latter is unthinkable.

Altavistagoogle said...


I disagree. Much of Canada's wealth is derived from natural resources (agriculture, mining, forests, fish, oil, gas, etc.), not people. If we have fewer people, per capita, we will be richer.


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