Conservatives Or NDP = Same Result?

There are many reasons Not to vote Conservative and many reasons To
vote NDP. However, wouldn't the Conservatives reducing federal
corporate taxes by 50 billion dollars allow provinces to raise
provincial corporate taxes and therefor spend 50 billion on provincial
items such as training, doctors, medication and childcare?

I realize not everybody is as anal as I am when it comes to
jurisdiction, but come on NDP, use some better arguments!

Such as:

-The Conservatives raised the average Canadian's income taxes to pay
for the war in Afganistan;

-The Conservatives are spending more of your federal tax dollars than
even the Trudeau Liberals.

-Longer jail sentences means less provincial money available for
doctors and teachers. Or perhaps even higher provincial taxes! And as
the US has proven, longer sentences don't even work!

-Have you been getting good service from your bank or phone company
lately? Then perhaps we need to restore some federal regulation and
make Canada's labour code more union friendly.

Think about it. Vote NDP.

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